IT Security Isn't Only an
Enterprise Problem

IT security threats to small businesses are ever-present and often hard to identify until they've already done damage.

Yes I’d like to understand the threats to my business!


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Why Do Hackers Target Small Businesses?

Among small businesses, 42% say it took them more than three days to resolve a cyber
attack. Why are SMBs targeted? 

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3 Beliefs That Make You
Vulnerable to an Attack

Support from the top is essential in order
for security to be part of your everyday
culture. If the C suite doesn’t understand
threats or the inner workings of the IT
group, the foundation of your business will
be weakened from the top down.

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Top IT Threats Plaguing Small Businesses 

Depending on the size of your business,
the value of your data, and your device
and media policies, each of these threats
could be realized within your organization.