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Datto Presents: Your Secret Weapon In Your War Against Cybercrime

Business downtime is much more common than you may think. Every business faces the risk of business interruption every day, from an employee clicking on something that they shouldn't have, hardware failure, the list just goes on and on. There are ways to protect your business from this loss of production time and data. We will explore real-world examples of downtime, and how you can protect yourself with a true business continuity solution. Join us to learn how to safeguard your organization in this presentation by Datto, the leader in Total Data Protection.

Key Takeaways:

· Common causes of downtime including the latest ransomware threats affecting businesses of all sizes

· The evolution of ransomware and the epidemic it has become · How to mitigate your risks and protect your critical business data by implementing a true business continuity solution, rather than just a backup solution.

· Educational instruction and demonstration of the true costs of downtime, specific your individual businesses, using Datto’s Recovery Time Objective / Recovery Point Objective Calculator.

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